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The Voted Truth

Zoids is good. Zoids is great. Zoids is a show using a pluralized word for a singular title, making the last two sentences extremely awkward. It is also a show which has several examples of unexplained, bewildering phenomena/plot holes. In an attempt to explain these mysteries, I have created "The Voted Truth." The hypothesis goes as such: those visiting this site will vote for whatever explanation they think is the most correct/funniest. If enough votes are collected, then the answer with the most votes will be considered the correct one (within a certain percentage of error, of course). Therefore, the truth will be decided, and we can all sleep better at night. Or at least I will.
Brad's Prize Money
The Black Lily
The Blue Devil
Shadow's Partner
Naomi's Nickname

Mystery the First: Brad's Prize Money We all know that Brad is a mercenary-for-hire. Many times, he has mentioned he's game for a fight "if the prize money's good." However, I can not recall a time when he actually uses a significant portion of the money he has amassed. What does he use that money for? Does he have hidden character depth, saving the money for some noble cause? Is it just bad characterization, using an overused cliche of a money-grubbing personality archetype to cover up the fact that the show's designers didn't think any more deeply into his character other than "looks cute, likes money, flirts with Naomi, drinks coffee?" Or is it...a mystery? (Nah, my vote's on number two. But you're entitled to your own opinion, I guess.)

Mystery the Second: Karl's Black Lily When we first met Karl Schubaltz, then called "Major Schubaltz," all we knew about him was that he was a military officer of the Imperial army, he had scary eyes, and he liked to stroke his lily. What? Why are you sniggering? ::hmph:: Children. Anyway, since then he has grown into a more sympathetic character--he'd rather keep his men safe than press a risky advantage, he's willing to risk his life and go against his fellow officers in order to protect his emperor, and he has a cute little brother whom we all love and want to protect from harm. His eyes have gotten less scary and his black lily has disappeared. It's almost as if he were a one-note character whom the producers later on decided should have more depth. But that's just crazy talk. What I want to know is...where did the black lily go?

Mystery the third: Riese's name. I mean, Reese's name. I mean, Rhyss's name. I mean...just vote, okay?
Okay, no one got the reference. Morons, all of you! It's from one of the funniest lines from The Tick, from the movie The Tick vs the Common Cold. You can get a transcript, a soundclip, and a movie of the scene
here. No one gets bonus points. I hope you're happy.

Mystery the fourth: Shadow's original partner. Zeke has Fiona, Specula has Riese, Ambient has Hiltz, Shadow has...Raven? o/~ One of these things is not like the other.... o/~ Where is Shadow's ancient Zoidian?

Mystery the fifth: Naomi's Nickname
Naomi, "The Red Comet" Fleugel. Gee, what an original nickname. Wonder how long it took her to think up. Heh. Who would've thought Little Ms. Hotpants was a closet Gundam fan? Okay, poll time. What was Naomi's second choice of nicknames?

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