Last updated: Tuesday, January 28
One new link, one new Voted Truth. I'm going to bed.
Friday, March 14
Check out the brand spankin' new feature in the Humor section: Droodles. Intrigued? You should be. One and a half new pictures in the Fanworks section, both at the bottom of computer arts. A few new links in the, erm, Links section, including two new Thomas shrines. Our beloved Thomas is becoming a rather popular boy. As well he should be. ^_^ In other news, I have been struck by terminal writer's block, so the fanfic will be delayed a bit. If anyone's going to Acen please look for my friend and me, because we are cosplaying as Thomas and Moonbay (respectively). I wish I had a digital camera because the costumes look amazing. Stay tuned for further reports.
Wednesday, February 19
Reorganized some files, added a new page to The Humor, three new computer-drawn pictures. Nothing major, but it's something. I have a request to those willing to spare half an hour of your time (and if you visit this site, that just proves that you're wasting your time anyway, so why not help a girl out?) I'm a hair's breadth away from finishing a Zoids fanfic, and I'm interested in a beta reader. You don't have to be an English major since I more-or-less have the grammar part covered. I just want some feedback, since I'm a little unsure about a few parts. At the moment it's 12 pages long, and will be about 15 when it's finished. It stars the Schubaltzes and has some unrepentantly cute and sentimental parts. If you're interested, please email me as soon as you can and I'll send you what I have. If not, then I'll probably publish the fic in a week or two without beta-ing.
Tuesday, January 28
One new link, one new Voted Truth, one new computer-drawn picture. ::yawn:: I'm going to bed.
Tuesday, January 21
Two new pen fanarts and a bunch of "bugs," also in the fanart section of the Fanworks. We have officially reached 100 random Zoids quotes. Does someone want to buy me a cake?
Thursday, January 16
A new filk in the Fanworks, Fanfiction section. I've reached almost 100 random quotes. What can I say? The Emperor's Holiday was shown today, and Stinger, Marianne, and Thomas are three of the most quotable characters in the series. (the others are Irvine and Moonbay, if you're wondering) If I keep adding hidden html at this rate, pretty soon the frontpage will be really slow to load. If you really want to read them all without reloading the page, go to View:Source. They're all right there in the code. What else is in the future of SOS? A buddy of mine is helping me on a really funny Voted Truth and I have another one in mind, my fanfics are coming along well, and I'm thinking about setting up a Stinger minishrine. I've also been thinking about setting up a fanfic guide--not an archive, but a bunch of helpful pages with things like a basic grammar guide, original story ideas, common character misportrayals and plot pitfalls, and other such stuff. If anyone has any suggestions or (even better) wants to write some articles for it, Email me. I just feel like, after a year or so break, I want to go back to my mission of improving the writing of fanfiction. Fanfiction.net has been rather depressing recently.
Tuesday, January 14
One more "Voted Truth" in the humor section, two new links.
Thursday, January 9
My scanner randomly decided to work. Nine new drawings in "Fanworks." Huzzah.
Wednesday, January 8
And I've been linked from the Red River Base front-page again. It seems like every time I mention my status on that page, it changes. Did I just jinx myself? Probably. Anyway, the episode guide has been moved to the new "Guide" section and is now complete. Tomorrow I'll write the mission statement, but I'm going to bed soon. I have seven, (maybe eight) good ink drawings I did over vacation, and, if my scanner weren't being so moody, they would have been posted today. Instead, I've personally colorized parts of all the headings. Ph34r my l337 GIMP 5k1llz. What's in the future for SOS? The Mission will be finished soon, I plan on adding more to "The Voted Truth," "The Romance" may eventually have information, I have the artwork to add once it's scanned, and I have a Thomas-centric fanfic that's about 2/3 done and should be finished in maybe two weeks. Beyond that, it's all up in the air. When I started this site, I planned on setting it up and leaving it. I'm still planning on doing that, once I've done all I want to do. When I start tiring of the fandom, then I'll stop. I have a few more ideas (another episode guide with a "Pteras Death Count," for example, or an "FAQ" where I can just make up answers to your questions, or possibly pose them to the Schubaltz himself) but I don't know how far that'll go. Just keep up the SOS faith. It's a mission of love. And mockery. But mostly love.
Sunday, January 5
And just as I noticed my Red River Base front-page link, it is gone. Easy come, easy go. "Writings" is up to date and has about doubled in size. There's another poll for "Voted Truth" in the Humor section. One more link in the Links section. I think I should make something clear, since I've sort of glossed over it for a while. Most people think that this is a Thomas shrine with a humor influence. It is in fact a humor site disguised as a Thomas shrine. Don't get me wrong--it's not that I don't believe in SOS. I just want you to know where my focus lies.
Saturday, January 4
Hey, I've been linked from Red River Base! No wonder people are actually visiting! I should do something good, something fantastic, something....aw shoot, I'm drawing a blank. Oh well. Happy SOSing, everyone.
Thursday, January 2
Hope everyone had a nice Decemberween and is ready for the final four episodes of Zoids this weekend. "The Voted Truth" has been added to the Humor section. At least I think it's funny.
Friday, December 27
"The AI" is up, the episode guide in "The Mission" is up-to-date for the moment.
Tuesday, December 10
Added things to "Humor" and "Fanworks." Check them out. They're funny.
Thursday, December 5
Added Analysis to "The Man and "The Zoid."
Friday, November 29
"The Man" now has nicely annotated yet incredibly inaccurate information. "The Zoid" also has nicely annotated but somewhat more accurate information as compared to the information in "The Man."
Monday, November 25
Two new pictures in Fanwork, the links page now has links (but still no title image). Writings has one more entry.
Saturday, November 16, 2002
As of this moment, the only things up are the fanworks, writings, humor, and mission.

Note: I add new 'random quotes' every update. If you really want to read them all, you don't have to keep reloading the page. Just go to the index page, then click on the View pulldown on your browser, then click on the Source option. They're all listed right there near the bottom of the html code.

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