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The Snowball Fight

In my opinion, the funniest part of the episode The Mountain of Dreams is the snowball fight between Van and Irvine. It's only onscreen for about five seconds, but if you ignore Moonbay and Fiona and pay attention to the background sounds, it's actually really funny. Most of The Funny comes from the delivery of the lines, but as I am a cheap bastard I don't actually have any equipment to record those sounds. I do, however, have a television and a computer. For your ease, I have transcribed the infamous Snowball Fight scene. Enjoy. I don't think Van did.

Irvine: Hahahahaha! Ya missed! (Van throws one, misses)
Van: Oh yeah?
Irvine: Hahahahaha
Van: Just wait, Iíll getcha! ((onscreen)Van throws one, misses, Irvine throws one, misses, Van throws two, misses)
Irvine: Hahahahaha! Nice throw. ((onscreen)Irvine pegs Van in the head, knocking him down) (Score: Irvine-1;Van-0)
Van: Augh!
Irvine: Hahahahaha!
Van: Okay, thatís one. I gotcha! (Irvine throws one, hits Van)(Score: 2:0) Aah!
Irvine: NahÖ
Van: Okay, okay, I (Irvine throws one, hits Van again)(Score: 3:0) Augh!
Irvine: Hahahahaha!
Van: Huh! (Van throws one, misses)
Irvine: Nice try.
Van: I can get you now! (Irvine throws a couple, hits Van)(Score: 5:0) Aaa-ha!
Irvine: Hahahahaha!
Van: Okay, now Iím gonna get you.
Irvine: Not really. (Irvine throws one, hits Van)(Score: 6:0)
Van: Aah!
Irvine: Hahahahahaha!
Van: Okay, I ah, (Irvine throws one, misses) You look over there, and then Iíll throw them at you.
Irvine: Thatís a good idea.
Van: Ha! (Van throws one, misses)
Irvine: Hahahahaha! Nice shot! ((onscreen)Irvine throws one, misses)
Van: Huh! Huh! Huh! ((onscreen)Van throws three, misses every time) ((offscreen)Irvine throws one, hits Van)(Score: 7:0) Ow!
Irvine: Youíre awful at this. (Van throws two, misses)
Van: Nuh uh.
Irvine: Havenít you ever seen snow? (some sort of indistinguishable mocking) Hahahahaha!
Van: Hey knock it off!
Irvine: Thatís not fair!
(Sounds of someone falling in the snow, perhaps being tackled?)

Van: Yaah!

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