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Outside Links:

Red River Base My personal favorite Zoids site. Great content, lots of pictures, thorough episode summaries, and more information than you can shake a stick at. This is where I got all these lovely pictures from. But you knew that, since I mention that on almost every page.

Anime Admirer's Zoids Chaotic Century Good episode summaries and such, but the real reason this site kicks so much ass is the Thomas Shrine in the gallery.

Green Eyed Angel: A Shrine to Karl Shubaltz A tribute to our second-favorite Schubaltz. It's a nice site: not much on it, but it's off to a good start and has a nice design.

Aardwulf's Customized Zoids Is it funny-yet-impressive or impressive-yet-funny? Whatever it is, it's pretty entertaining. It's small, so it's a good way to waste ten or fifteen minutes.

City of Angels This is a site with a lot of Schubaltz love. And by love I mainly mean smut. A few other characters pop their way in, but we don't care about them, do we? Nah, we just want to look at the Thomas shrine. Warning: This site is neither for the weak of heart, nor weak of stomach, nor young of age. Contains yaoi (male/male relations), things that may be labeled visual or written pornography, incest, rape, rampant OCs, and other things that span the line from fun to squicky. That's right, my scribadees. All kids under 17 out of the pool.

Blue Sky, an O'Connell shrine. O'Connell's one of those fun background characters--you know, he's like the one you don't really pay much attention to the first time around because a 'flashier' character (like Raven or Irvine or Moonbay) is hogging your attention, but on closer inspection you realize just how great he really is. And, make no mistake, he is.

Zoids Fan World A bunch of people producing some nice Zoids fanart. Check out the Oekaki board and make some fanart of your own. You might even see me there, from time to time.

The Distant Stars I love him, you love him, Riese loves him, the writers...well, the writers just can't make up their minds about him and at least one of them hates him, but...Raven! Yeah.

In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream Okay, okay, I admit it, it's a Transformers page, not a Zoids page. It's also damned funny. (I highly suggest the Insecticomics) The reason I don't feel too conflicted about linking this page is because of what's on the bottom of this page. See? It is Zoids related.

Megalo Max A Thomas shrine. ::cough:: Has to be seen to be believed.

The Dark Dibison Another Thomas shrine. It's a cute site. Not much in the way of content, but it's off to a very nice start.

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