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Next, you can specify a picture to include in your card. It can be one of your LiveJournal User Pictures, or it can be a picture on another server.

To choose one of your LiveJournal User Pictures, click on your default picture on your User Info page, which will take you to your User Pictures page. Right-click (Windows) or Control-Click (MacOS) on the desired picture. If you are using Netscape or Mozilla, select Copy Image Location, then paste the URL here. If you are using Internet Explorer, select Properties and get the URL that way.

If you are using a picture on another server, the picture can be as large as you like, but if it is much more than 100 x 100 pixels the card starts to look weird.

When you enter the URL, be sure to include the http://

The default picture is a picture of Frank. :-)

I want to use the default picture.
I want to use the picture at this URL:
Draw a 1 pixel border around the picture.

Now you're ready to enter in all the fun stuff!

Maximum 255 characters, including spaces.
Example: Frank is LiveJournal's mascot. He is housetrained but sometimes forgets himself. He likes to eat, and occasionally nibbles on the server cables.

Maximum 150 characters, including spaces.
Example: Friendly, easy to please.

Maximum 150 characters, including spaces.
Example: Always hungry, not very discriminating in what he chooses to eat.

Special Skills
Maximum 150 characters, including spaces.
Example: Professional Mascot, Goat-Fu.

Maximum 150 characters, including spaces.
Example: Sharp teeth, horns, rear kick for double damage.

The last category is one you can define yourself.

Name of Category:
Examples: Motto, Allies, Pet Peeves, Favorites.
Value of Category
Maximum 150 characters, including spaces.

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Some older browsers (Netscape 4.5 and earlier, Internet Explorer 3 and earlier) can have problems with some of the HTML and CSS in the cards. If you (or your friends) regularly use older browsers you can choose to make your card "safe" for those browsers:

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Note: Any information you enter here is not stored in any way.