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Hand art
Costume Party

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So far, everything's by me, vvoltaire.

Hand Drawn Art

Thomas, in pencil Not much to say. Cute picture, bad scan, tough cleanup. I need a better scanner or better drawing paper.

Just disturbing Erm, yes. Pencil drawing. I think it's funny. It was done without references, so I'm extra-proud of my memory.

Read me a story Little Karl and Thomas share a moment of brotherly bonding. My mom really liked this one. This and the next several drawings were done in honor of the great new art pens I got for Christmas. They're all line drawings, so if anyone wants to color them in, be my guest. Just credit me and let me have a look--I'd love to see it.

Can I keep it? We've seen Thomas as a little'un, but what about Karl? Here's my idea of what he'd look like, with a little foreshadowing involved.

Yawn I must have yawned ten times drawing this. It's another Thomas as a little'un.

Umbrella Freh. It's kind of cute. Thomas and Fiona share an umbrella.

Jamie In pen. It's a copy of a screencap. I did this as a speed drawing without a pencil outline, which accounts for the sketchiness of the lines.

Thomas In pen. An original pose, but I also did this as a speed drawing without a pencil outline, which also accounts for the sketchiness of the lines.

The Costume Party
I found a page of official character designs, so I decided to draw the five main good guys in each others' clothes. I thought it was funny. Irvine and Van don't agree.

Moonbay as Irvine. She's having a lot of fun with this.

Irvine as Moonbay. He's having considerably less fun. He refused to pose, so this was the best picture they could take.

Van as Fiona. Not happy, but at least he's being a good sport.

Fiona as Thomas. Happy and spinning! She actually looks pretty good in his clothes.

Thomas as Van. You'd think he'd be happier considering he's the only one who didn't have to crossdress. I tried two other poses, one of which I inked and hated, so I decided to go with a candid shot instead. Five'll get you ten he's looking at Fiona.

I draw these little characters in the corner of my notes when I'm bored in class. I call them "Bugs" because of their itty bitty buglike eyes. Eh, varying quality, but I think they're cute. These are just my Zoids character bugs--I've drawn several other series as well. Isn't it nice to see I'm really taking advantage of my education?

Bit Bug In case you're wondering, this bug was drawn when we were studying counters in my biomedical electronics class. One of the terms used was "most significant bit," to show which counter moved the slowest. Bit had a different idea of what it meant.

Irvine Bug

Jamie Bug He's holding a Pteras in his hand, in case you can't tell.

Moonbay Bug (aka Bug-Munbei) Next to my notes on this page, I wrote "he's just making it up as he goes along." But I don't think my teacher really was.

O'Connell Bug The funny thing is, he looks this clueless normally.

Stinger Bug

Thomas Bug The words written around Thomas (yes, I was feeling a little unusual that day): Is Thomas! Thomath? Tomis? Bug-Thomas! Tomice? Is cute! Toumasu? Tahmas? Steve? Towmas? Fred? (points to Beek) BEEEK Bic (points to arm) Insert hug here. (points to boot) Das boot. (points to other boot) Das other boot.

Computer Drawn Art

Raven An oekaki drawing. Strange how I'm much better at electronic art than I am at hand-drawn art. This is my idea of if Raven were...raven. I like it. Turn the backlight up on your computer or you'll miss most of the detail.

Shadow An oekaki of Shadow. I didn't use good references, so the back leg is wrong. The shading is nice, though.

Raven Background 600x800. I just took the two above pictures and put them together into a background. Next time I do this, I'll make sure the backgrounds are the same color. I used this as my secondary background for a little while.

Chibi Thomas Whosacutie? Outline done in pen, color done with GIMP. I think that combination produces my best art. I messed up on his outfit a little, but it's hard to draw in all those details on such a little body! I like his hair. I'm good at hair.

Chibi Leon Same procedure as above. I'm kind of ambivalent about Leon as a character, actually, but I thought this was pretty funny. I originally wanted to do this pose with Jamie, but then I saw how Jamie acts when his Pteras is threatened, and that threw that idea out the window. I'm guessing on Leon's lower half of the body, since it's not shown in any of the screen captures I've seen and I'm too lazy to rewatch the episodes he's in. So the pants may be wrong. Maybe he's not wearing any pants in the show. You just can't tell from those screencaps.

O'Connell Semi-realistic. I drew this on the oekaki board at Zoids Fan World for Jammer, who is the creator of Blue Sky, the really cute O'Connell shrine.

Zoids for Dummies (Original Picture) Just a cute little photomanipulation I did when I was in line at a store and noticed that the cover guy on the "For Dummies" books sort of had Van's haircut. I did this in less than an hour so the quality's not the best, but t'will serve.

Chibi Jamie The proportions are different than in the other drawings, but it's still cute. The hair remains the best thing.

Puppet It's both metaphoric and creepy.

Puppet Background I liked it, so I made it into a background. The words in the background are an excerpt from a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Apathet An organoid. To learn more about Apathet, click here.

Little Raven Raven, in his happier days. Warning: it's incredibly cute.


The Dead Organoid Sketch by vvoltaire A parody of the original Monty Python sketch, starring Raven and knew someone had to do it. (Not at all Thomas-related, but funny nonetheless)

Thomas: Not Dead Yet by vvoltaire A filk of the Styx song. Don't worry if you don't know the song--you will by the time you make your way through these links. Written proof that I do indeed need a life.

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