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The premise behind Apathet is that Shadow was not Raven's first organoid. Apathet was. The thing is...Apathet's more interested in things like smoking and sleeping and The Ladies than things like fighting and killing and blowing stuff up. Although he will admit that blowing things up can be very cool, if viewed from a safe distance. He also is interested in fashion, and wears stylish glasses, an orange shirt, a purple tie, and sandals. But no pants. (Hey, if Donald Duck was too good for pants, then so is Apathet!)

Needless to say, Apathet was soon replaced.

I actually want to write out a little story to go along with these pictures, but I'm just not feeling The Funny right now. The Funny should be here some day. Just not now. I ordered it, really, it just hasn't gotten here yet. Damn UPS.

Having a smoke

"Do you mind?

"How you doin'?"

Sweet dreams

[Original message, written when I drew that oekaki picture up top:]
Little known fact: Raven had an organoid before Shadow. Unfortunately, Apathet was a less-than-ideal partner for him. ("Rarrargherarhh." Translation: Do we have to destroy that military base? Why don't we just go get some smokes then go pick up the ladies instead?") As you can probably guess, he was quickly replaced with Shadow.
Okay, the true story behind this picture: I was bored in a class, so I doodled a bit in the margins. I originally planned on doing a sketch of Shadow. Then I added little beatnik glasses, then a jewel on his cheek, then a cigarette, and pretty soon Apathet was born.

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